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Every item is made in my studio, starting from the raw clay to the final fired piece.


Celebrating the studio potter experience

 Holistic technologies are normally associated with the notion of craft.  Artisans, be they potters, weavers, metal-smiths, or cooks, control the  process of their own work from beginning to end. Their hands and minds  make situational decisions as the work proceeds, be it on the thickness  of the pot, or the shape of the knife edge, or the doneness of the  roast. These are decisions that only they can make while they are  working. And they draw on their own experience, each time applying it to  a unique situation….Using holistic technologies does not mean that  people do not work together, but the way in which they work together  leaves the individual worker in control of a particular process of  creating or doing something. " Urusla Franklin


The small town feeling

Enjoy the quiet relaxation that only a small town can give